Mississippi Moment: Clark Creek Natural Area

Mississippi Moment

WILKINSON COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Sometimes the real world is just too real, and you need a break from it. Well, the setting at the Clark Creek Natural Area in Wilkinson County is about as far away from what we’re used to seeing in Mississippi as you can get.

It’s in the Loess Bluffs that hug the Mississippi River from about Southwest Mississippi all the way into Minnesota. There are steep hills and deep gullies here.

And then, there is the creek itself. It is spring fed so it runs year round. It’s much stronger after a big rain, though. And the creek has cut its way through the bluffs in several different branches. And on at least seven of those branches are waterfalls.

Now, don’t expect a Niagara Falls or anything, but they’re pretty impressive for Mississippi. But the whole setting at Clark Creek isn’t what the rest of the state looks like by a long shot.

The parks department has cleared a walking trail at Clark Creek. But just because there’s a fairly marked path and stairways to maneuver the more impossible climbs, it’s not an easy trek in or out. There are boulders and canyons. Well, canyons for Mississippi.

Clark Creek is past Woodville into the Wilkinson County wilderness. If you ever try to hike it, I’d suggest going in the spring or fall when it’s not 90 degrees.

Right now, the area is closed due to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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