NEW ALBANY, Miss. (WJTV) – Fossils are under the hills of not only northeast Mississippi, but pretty much the rest of the state to one degree or another. They seem to be easier to get to in some of the creek beds in northeast Mississippi.

What kind of fossils? Mostly sea shells from when all of this part of the world was under the ocean. That’s why we have no dinosaur bones in Mississippi. They lived on land at the same time we were at the bottom of the sea. We do have whale skeletons here and shark teeth.

If you know where to look, you’ll find fossilized oyster shells. They are parts of limestone outcroppings that haven’t melted into the rock shelf yet. All of these rocks were once sea animals. Near New Albany, they actually did find a dinosaur tooth, but it had washed there from somewhere else.

I’ve seen fossilized sand dollar shells from the Chickasawhay River south of Meridian and Ice Age fossils in the Mississippi River when the water is low and the gravel bars are exposed.  

My granddaddy found oyster shells in the creek bottoms of northeast Mississippi and that was his proof of Noah’s flood. Geologists use those same oysters to prove how old the earth is. 

For me? It’s something interesting to bring in on show and tell day.

There is a public park near Baldwin where you can go hunting for fossils. It’s W.M. Browning Park, but if you can’t remember that name, just Google, ‘Mississippi Fossil Park.’