Mississippi Moment: Grammy Nominees

Mississippi Moment

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Grammys were good to Mississippi this year. Both Bobby Rush and Jimmy “Duck” Holmes were nominated in the same category.

Duck runs the Blue Front Café in Bentonia, while Rush runs all over the world. Duck is 74, while Rush is 87. Being nominated for and winning a Grammy at any age is a great accomplishment.

It’s not that people who are past the age most folks have retired can’t do things, but you get to the point where the sprit is willing but the body is weak. So, what keeps them charged up? We’ll start with Rush, then Duck. 

“My plan is now to do all I can, while I can. I know there will come a time I can not do, but I won’t regret what I did not. So I haven’t did under 200 shows a year for the last 45 or 50 years. So I’m going to work as long as I can and do what I can, as long as I can hope God keeps blessing me to where I can keep doing the things that I do and love to do. And that’s play the Blues,” said Rush, who won a Grammy this year.

“I get asked the question a lot about how long will I be here. Until the master calls me home. ‘Cause this has been a part of my life ever since I was one year old. I was born in ’47. My mama and dad started in ’48. So which means, I pretty much grew up in here. Sleep at the house, but I live here. Seriously. People think I be cracking a joke. I live here,” said Duck.

So from that, I gather that if you want to hang around for a while, make sure you are doing something you love to do and don’t quit.

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