JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Halloween is more or less ghost stories and trick-or-treating, but did you know it is the second most decorated time of the year? Halloween is only eclipsed by Christmas.

It’s fun to drive around and see houses decked out for the holiday. Even homes not decorated on the outside might have decorations inside.

I’m sure there is a psychological reason we poke fun at death and ghosts, but set all of that aside for the chance to have a good time for an evening.

There are religious aspects to Halloween. It is the eve of All Saints’ Day (All Hallow’s Eve). I’ve seen stories about families that use the day to clean their family plots and spruce up cemeteries.

Popcorn balls were one of the homemade treats we used to get. I didn’t particularly care for them, but I appreciated the effort. Nowadays, we don’t give out or get anything that’s not been factory sealed. That’s a trick our aging society has given to us; you can’t trust the Halloween candy.

So, watch what you put in your bag and trick-or-treat in groups. Young kids need to have an adult or two along, and watch out for the traffic.

Other than that, have fun!