Mississippi Moment: How to cope during a pandemic with humor

Mississippi Moment

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – On Facebook, it seems to me like most of us are trying to find something to laugh about during the coronavirus pandemic.

Just a sample of post today, someone put on their page, “I heard alcohol and sunlight kills corona. So if you see me naked and drunk in the yard, it’s medical research.”

Or one my cousin in Columbia reposted. It’s a picture of a portable sign in front of a Mexican restaurant in Texas that reads, “ How y’alls summer body lookin? Mine looks like I have a great personality.”

There have been coronavirus songs. My daughter wrote one, “Baby It’s COVID Outside” to the tune of “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” I like the line she wrote where the guy finally convinces the girl to stay, and she allows, “Maybe just a half a week more.”

Is it irreverent to laugh in the face of a pandemic? I don’t know. We never had a pandemic before. Nothing prior to go by. I guess we get to set the mold. Face masks, no toilet paper, hoarding anything hoard-able.

And laughter. Medically, laughter reduces pain, helps us tolerate discomfort and reduces blood sugar levels. It actually improves job performance. Laughter helps connect people positively: aybe why we’d rather hear a comedian than a politician. Unless the politician is a joke.

Even in the Bible it says, “A cheerful heart is good medicine.” Proverbs 17:22.

The world is searching for a cure or a vaccine right now. We may have a part of it in our bones; our funny bones. Can’t hurt. Might help. Tell a joke. Or better yet, post one!

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