Mississippi Moment: Jackson leaders vote to remove statue of Andrew Jackson

Mississippi Moment

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Jackson City Council voted 5-1 on Tuesday to remove the statue of former President Andrew Jackson outside city hall. The statue has been outside city hall since the 1970s. Council members said it will be moved to an appropriate place, like a museum.

I commend the city for the way this action was taken, by a vote of people who were elected by the people of Jackson to represent them. Therefore, this is obviously a reflection of the will of the people of the City of Jackson. This is the way we do things here, in an orderly fashion under the rule of law.

The atrocities of the former president are probably many. When Jackson overnighted his troops at the John Ford Home in Marion County on the way to the Battle of New Orleans, he was allowed to sleep inside the house only if he promised that he would not use swear words, drink whiskey and that he would attend the family prayer time.

Primarily his major objections to modern culture are sifted down to two: He owned slaves, and he removed Native Americans from their homes, triggering the Trail of Tears.

In his day, slavery was the law of the land. And the Indian Removal Act wasn’t done by Jackson himself. The act was passed by a majority in Congress, voted on by representatives and senators elected by the people back home to act on their behalf in Washington, D.C.

Does that excuse what happened? No. Maybe we need to be more careful who we erect statues of. No one is perfect.


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