JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The City of Jackson is pushing the limit to something we can’t live without, fresh water.

Water associations are the rural equivalent of electric co-op. The co-ops brought electricity to farms and small towns, and water associations brought fresh water.

One of the people WJTV 12 News interviewed said something I never thought about, but it’s profound, in a way. He said that you can go pretty much anywhere in the United States and be assured that the water you drink there is safe.

He went on to say that not all nations are that way. Now, occasionally, there is a malfunction and a boil water notice has to be issued, but most of the time most of the water is good to drink right out of the tap.

So, what has happened to Jackson? In February 2021, super cold water hit buried cast iron water mains. This caused the water mains to burst, which created chaos with little to no water pressure for weeks.

We’ve had mechanical failures, even a fire at the treatment plant, and water-well problems at other places.

Now, we’re under a city-wide boil water notice again, because of low water pressure caused by too much heat this time. Are we just snake bit in Jackson with our water system?

It would be hard to point a finger and say any one person is at fault. And through several administrations, the obvious fact is, the water system hasn’t been maintained and modernized as it should have, or the city’s water system would perk along through heat and cold like the water systems in the cities around us.

Maybe money that should have been put into keeping up the pipes was used for more urgent needs elsewhere. The water system is the urgent need now, and there is no longer any wiggle room to delay the inevitable.

What’s it going to take to fix Jackson’s water system so we can join the rest of America and have dependable drinking water here all the time? I’m not sure, but it isn’t what’s been happening up until now.

We have bright, talented, effective political representation at the city, county, state and national level. Let’s get our elected officials turn their attention to what’s going on back home and fix this water problem in Jackson once and for all. It is going to take a team effort of a lot of people on the same page to do it.