Mississippi Moment: Looming Changes

Mississippi Moment

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – I have always heard that you should never present a problem without also presenting a solution. So, I guess I’ll just say that I’m making an observation. I don’t have a solution, but the problem is looming.

The situation around COVID-19 is more than wearing a mask, washing your hands and social distancing. There is also an economic side to it that will make the virus look secondary, unless we collectively come up with a way to solve what’s ahead.

I’ve been thinking about the moratorium on evictions. It’s great for people who’ve been out of work and can’t pay their rent or mortgage right now. Since a lot of people haven’t gone back to work or their jobs went away because of the pandemic, they will be homeless without the moratorium.

I know Congress is considering more incentives, like moratoriums and subsidies, but not much is being done on it right now. Even if lawmakers passed a bill on it today, it’s just a band-aid for the personal debt the nation has already collectively racked up this year because of the virus.


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