Mississippi Moment: Medical marijuana initiatives on November ballot

Mississippi Moment

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – I thought it was interesting that 10 people are running for president on Mississippi’s ballot.

I skipped down to where Initiative 65 about medical marijuana is listed. To me, this should have been a simple ‘Are you for it?’ or ‘Are you against it?” vote. But to my surprise there are four blanks there. Not just a ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

Why four? In my opinion, and to my disappointment, it’s an attempt by the legislature to assure that the measure won’t meet the criteria to pass. In order to pass, it has to be voted up or down, which is two of the blanks.

But then, you have to pick the plan you prefer, that’s the other two blanks. Even if the overall measure passes, for the plan you want, it has to get 40 percent of all of the votes cast.

So, what are the two plans?

Initiative 65 is one on the ballot by the people signing the petition. Initiative 65A, that’s the shake and bake alternative passed by the legislature to muddy the water.

Initiative 65 allows for the Mississippi State Health Department to oversee the program, stipulates only people certified by licensed physicians would qualify to get the treatment. There are also twenty-two qualifying conditions covered by Initiative 65.

Whereas, Initiative 65A, the plan created by the legislature, allows the legislature to run the program, not the state health department.

So, let me ask you, where would you want to go to get a flu shot? The Health Department or to the House of Representatives?

Also, under Initiative 65A, only terminally ill patients could get the treatment, not any of the other people in the twenty-two people who need it to have a better quality of life.

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