Mississippi Moment: Memorial Day in D’Lo

Mississippi Moment

D’LO, Miss. (WJTV) – Well, there is a good case that Memorial Day started in Mississippi a year after the end of the Civil War. However, the same case could be made for lots of other places around the country, too. So, I guess the bigger point is, not where Memorial Day started, but that it did start. It erupted in so many places all at once, meaning a lot of people had the same idea at the same time to do something to honor the veterans who had lost their lives in war.

D’Lo, which is located in Simpson County, goes out of its way on Memorial Day to make sure all of the veterans buried there have an American flag on their grave on Memorial Day. You may or may not know that a greater percentage of the population of D’Lo served in World War II than the percentage of people from any other village, town or city in America.

Some of those from D’Lo lost their lives in the war. Many didn’t. They came home, lived, had families and built the community. As of just a few years ago, the last of the D’Lo World War II veterans passed away, so now they are all gone, and they all get a flag on Memorial Day.

Whether we are aware of it or not, or just take it for granted, we owe a debt to the veterans who served in war – those who died doing so, especially, but also those who came home to live out what they fought for. They never took what we have for granted, nor would we.

So, enjoy the weekend. The cookouts, the picnics, the outings and somewhere between the water skiing and the ribs on the grill, be thankful for a veteran who provided this for us.

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