Mississippi Moment: Mississippi flag approval

Mississippi Moment

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Well, first of all I don’t claim to be an authority on too much of anything, but I do have some opinions. One thing I have an opinion about is the proposed state flag.

I’ve seen a couple of straw polls on Facebook asking people how they planned to vote on the flag, and I wrote down ‘yes.’ I’d like to see that flag as our new official state flag. 

I’ll tell you why. It’s time to put this flag issue behind us and move on. It’s time to, as quickly as possible, put a brand on our state that is inclusive of as many people as we can get under an umbrella.

We’ve all been here together for a long time, and probably get along together better than most of the rest of the nation does.

Even our Democrats and Republicans can pass legislation together. That’s something the rest of the country needs to catch onto again.

So, it’s time we fly a flag that people can embrace. So folks elsewhere can start looking to Mississippi as the leaders we are.

Join me, vote ‘yes’ for the future of Mississippi by voting in the new flag in November. Then, let’s tackle the next thing on the agenda.


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