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Mississippi Moment

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Mississippi has made national news again and not in a favorable light. Jackson’s water problems have become national news. The water system works well, until it doesn’t.

The cold weather came along and shut the whole thing down. The oldest part of Jackson’s water system is well over a hundred years old and should have been well over a half century ago, but it worked. So, it stayed until the cold water hits the warm pipes in the ground and burst them all over the place. The newer parts of the system are fed from the older parts, and so the problem is big.

I agree with the mayor; this is a situation that the city can no longer take on by itself, and a penny on the dollar sales tax will never fix the issue in our lifetimes. I wish you would join me in calling on our Congressional delegation and get federal help to update Jackson’s water system.

The other reason Mississippi made the news was for the governor’s decision to relax the COVID mandates. First, this is a relaxing of the ‘state’ mandates. Many municipalities still have their own regulations in effect. Plus, many places of business have rules of their own, and there is the federal mask requirement. If you go to the post office for example, you have to wear a mask.

Some people think Governor Tate Reeves was saying that COVID-19 is over because he dropped the ‘state’ mandates. Actually, not all of them were dropped. But the way I heard it is, we aren’t children anymore and don’t have to have ‘teacher’ lead us around by the hand. We’ve been through enough of the pandemic that we know how to do the things we need to do and stay safe. The only “Neanderthal thinking” I see is the kind that seems to think that grown up people must always be ‘mandated’ what to do and when and how to do it.

Just keep washing your hands, keep your distance, and wear your mask, get your vaccine, and I will do the same thing.

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