RAYMOND, Miss. (WJTV) – This is a bit of information I picked up in Raymond this week, while I was shooting a story about a new Mural that’s being painted downtown. Mayor Isla Tullos was telling me about some of the things that’s been going on in Raymond lately. Most notable, the town is getting a lot of attention. 

“All of a sudden there’s just a lot of people, ‘Oh! Is that building empty? Can I buy that building? Is that Building empty?’ So, I think we are about to see a real influx of some new business. And we always need retail shops, income producing for the city, and I think that’s about to happen,” Tullos said.

Why all of a sudden the interest in Raymond? Interestingly enough, it may well be that people have rediscovered a simpler life by the lack of activity we’ve had to go through over the last year or so cooped up.

“Maybe the pandemic had something to do with it. I know that we did not have a bad pandemic year as far as business goes because people stayed at home, and they shopped locally, and a lot of people came to town and realized this is a pretty cool little space. And we might want to go there,” explained Tullos.

It may not be worth a pandemic to learn to slow down and enjoy living, but if we are getting that from the pandemic, then at least that’s something. Mississippi is full of wide open spaces for us to get away and get back to living again and not just existing.