JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – For the first time in decades, Mississippi have a new state song. The old state song was to the tune of ‘Roll with Ross,’ the campaign song for Ross Barnett.

Steve Azar, of Greenville, came up with a song about Mississippi in honor of the state’s bicentennial in 2017. It’s called ‘One Mississippi.’ If you ever played hide-and-seek and had to count to 50 or something and to make sure you didn’t speed count, you counted, “One Mississippi, Two Mississippi.”

Well, that’s the basis of the song. It runs about six minutes. The following is just a part of ‘One Mississippi’ by Steve Azar, the new state song:

I said One Mississippi, there’s a magnolia tree.

Two Mississippi, where a mockingbird sings.

Out on its limb, whistling that sweet soulful hymn. 

I said three Mississippi, to this land called home. 

I breath Mississippi till I’m dead and gone. 

Just carry on. Carry on.


We survived hurricanes 

Know them by name

Somewhere in the six minutes is something for everybody, and it says a lot more about us than ‘Roll Mississippi, Keep Rolling Alone.”

“One Mississippi’ by Steve Azar can be found on YouTube. ‘One Mississippi’ became the new Mississippi state song on Friday, July 1.