Mississippi Moment: No one to blame

Mississippi Moment

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Mississippi is dead last in another category, and it isn’t something we can blame on the government.

It’s a category we could be number one in by tomorrow morning, if we wanted to. And I’m sure you probably already know that Mississippi is dead last in the percent of our population vaccinated against COVID.

For some, this may be a hardship to get a place where they are giving shots, but there are so many organizations and places where you can get them.

Money isn’t a question. The shots are free.

Some people have a resistance because of religious reasons, some racial reasons, some just don’t believe there is a pandemic and some think they will do something to you later.

If you catch COVID, it will do something to you now, and the longer it can lasts in society, the more variants it can make, the more people will be hospitalized and the more people will die from it.

One point, although we are trail the nation in vaccinations, at least we don’t lead the nation in hospitalizations and deaths, and there may need to be some study for that anomaly.

At this time, the best weapon against COVID is the vaccine. You can’t blame anyone else on you not getting the shot. Roll up your sleeve, get the vaccine and let’s show the nation Mississippi can come together and prove we are all together on this one thing, anyway.

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