JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – We can actually do something about the high price of gasoline. There’s not much we can do about how much it costs per gallon, but we can work on the other end. We can cut down on how many gallons we use.

Summer is vacation season. Lots of us like to take off and go somewhere within driving distance like Destin, Gatlinburg or Six Flags in Texas or Georgia.

Starting next week, WJTV 12 News is going to suggest some one-tank destinations you may want to consider for a day trip, and they’re going to be close to home.

I’m not saying these are substitutions for a two-week stay in Vegas. They will be interesting, entertaining and quick places you can get away to without killing your budget, even with today’s gasoline prices.

I’ll be adding a couple of stories a week to the collection. Cianna Reeves will be pitching in. There will be some on the Friday Morning ‘Sip, in our early newscast.

We will scatter these one-tank destination stories throughout July, scattered through a bunch of our newscasts here at 12 News.

History. Places to eat. Fun things to do. Things to go see. We will fill your head with suggestions, while you fill your tank and get ready to go somewhere near home.

All of this starts next Monday. Be watching and get ready to put your GPS on the “fun” setting.