Mississippi Moment: Protecting yourself from the coronavirus

Mississippi Moment

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – We hit an all-time high in new cases of COVID-19 in Mississippi yesterday. I know the spike has been attributed to accounting details, but the bigger picture is the coronavirus is still out there.

There seems to be this attitude that since everything is open, then the virus is over with. Well, it wasn’t for over 400 of us yesterday. By the way, it has been about the right amount of time for the Memorial Day Weekend spike to hit, if that’s what this is.   

If the experts are right, then the only known vaccine we have against COVID-19 is distance keeping at least six feet away from other people and perhaps wearing a face mask inside stores. I think somehow mask wearing has gotten some sort of political stigma attached to it. But actually, wearing a mask in a place of business improves your looks. It makes you look like you care whether other people get this disease or not. Because the mask is to protect them from us, not so much us from them.

Now is not the time to drop our guard. If you go to church, don’t handle snakes by not putting distance between yourself and other people and by not wearing a face mask. Even if nobody else does, that doesn’t make it a bad idea for you to. Same thing with Walmart, doctor’s office, anywhere. Don’t get the idea this thing is over.

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