Mississippi Moment: Santa’s Knee

Mississippi Moment

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Christmas is for children because they are the only ones that have the ability to make the season last long enough to fool with.  

Some years, I feel left behind by Christmas.  The day is here and gone before I even know it.  Not like it was back when we were in school.  First payoff back then was a two-week break from classes.  And if that weren’t enough, bam, right in the middle of it came Christmas.

A time we’ve created that says what’s wrong with dreams coming true?  What’s wrong with good and laughter and excitement and anticipation?  And maybe a little jitters on the inside wondering if Santa will really remember me again this year. And anyone who won’t plot down on Santa’s knee needn’t apply for the benefits of the day anymore.

No, once we pass out of toy land we take on the even more enviable roll of becoming benefactor of the day.  I mean, Santa and all his beard-ness is very limited in all practicality in fulfilling the wonderment that’s beaming in these eyes.  

The only way this equation will be satisfied is for us old folks to become exactly what we secretly wanted to be all along.  I mean, which one of us didn’t want to grow up and become Santa’s helper, anyway?  Well, here we are.  And we can make wishes come true.  And that is the reality of Christmas.


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