JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – I know what’s in the news; COVID, how to deal with it, crime in the city, shortages at the grocery store and so on. However, I want to know what’s on everyone else’s mind.

When I scrolled through Facebook this morning to see what everyone was thinking, I didn’t see any of that news mentioned. What I saw was the usual list of birthdays and people’s kids. I follow a lot of photographers and painters, so every time I scroll through Facebook, it’s like visiting an art gallery.

The point of what I learned from my Facebook page today is that the world is still a relatively sane place. Life is going on, despite the pandemic and despite society’s ills. People still want to share good news with each other. Good things are still happening to people.

Even better news is that it’s just the headlines that still make headline. No matter how much bad news you hear about, it’s still not widespread enough to make it to where most of us live our lives everyday. That’s good news.