Mississippi Moment: Sleet Day

Mississippi Moment

RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Mississippi has had deeper snows that what we’re experiencing right now. Most of it is sleet, and I’ve never seen this much sleet.

The sleet has compacted and hardened overnight to the point I just don’t even bother cleaning off the windshield knowing I don’t even want to try to make the drive, anyway.

Oh, I made it yesterday. The ice wasn’t so compact then. I shot some of what Ken South has called this ‘generational event.’

When I walked outside today, I remembered one aspect of snow that I forget between times; the quietness. Then I realized most of the quietness is the lack of traffic.

The geese are having a hard time dealing with a pond that is slowly freezing. I don’t know if it will completely freeze over or not. The birds are still managing to find seed under the snow. and a quiet snow if falling. 

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