Mississippi Moment: Spring on the way after ice storm

Mississippi Moment

RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – The Japanese magnolia at my home is starting to bloom. In a typical year, it would have bloomed a week or so ago. This year, it didn’t bloom because of the ice storm. I figured the cold would have frozen the buds.

The Bradford pear is also about to bloom. Give it a week, and it will look like a cloud of white blossoms. The forsythia buds survived the freeze and are back in business. We used to have a bunch of these yellow bells around the yard. They probably fell victim of over ambitious pruning and cleaning over the years.

The hyacinth are about on time. Obviously, they are ice resistant, too. The jonquils are the forerunner of the daffodils that, I assume, will pop up next.

But my sure sign of the coming of spring is not so much things blooming, as is this one last tree finally dropping the rest of its dead leaves. I have a couple of oaks that hang onto their autumn leaves all winter until just before time to bud out again, and then they let go. Most of last year’s leaves are gone today, so the branches finally going bare are a sign they are about to start greening up.

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