Mississippi Moment: Steamy Pond

Mississippi Moment

RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Of all the things that are different in the world right now, there are some things that never change. Chilly mornings bring the best rewards for getting out early for a few minutes.

My next door neighbor and I split a pond. Most of it is on his side of the property line, but I get to look at all of it. On a chilly morning like today, the pond is warmer than the air above it, and it looks like someone filled it with hot water overnight.

This is a fleeting phenomenon. Soon, the sun will get high enough to equalize everything, and the vapors will evaporate into thin air. For a few minutes when the sun is just right, it turns it into a golden pond.

The sounds of the morning birds are in the air. I suppose you could hear the early worms trying to get away from them, if you listened close enough. You can hear the conglomerated traffic sounds as scholars are on their way to class, and commuters are on their way to work. So that just leaves me, my phone camera and the steamy pond to greet the day.

Sunrises won’t happen like this much longer. The water will cool and match the temperature of the night. So it was a special day that I caught it, like the early bird catching the worm.


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