Mississippi Moment: Taking up old hobbies during COVID-19 pandemic

Mississippi Moment

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – We at WJTV are doing what we can when we can to work remotely right now. Limiting our exposure to other people and with other people, especially those we work with. That’s why you see us on the set anchoring from time to time. And at other times, working from the house. Our weather anchors seem to have mastered that task quite well.

Being around the house more is interesting. I have delved back into some hobbies I thought I had no time for. But since I can’t travel to do stories as much, I have a lot more time.

And checking Facebook, I see that some of my friends are finding out the same things: discovering or honing talents they have laid aside for years. 

For instance, long time friend and Jackson weather lady from a while back, Judy Moon, posted a painting she did years ago that a friend owns now. Judy says seeing it again has inspired her to perhaps take up painting again.

An old high school friend from Greenville, Charlie Lum, who is a professional photographer, posted these shots of flowers. Charlie is more into portraits professionally but says he was inspired to shoot these flowers when he saw some that a friend of his had posted.

And can you guess who sketched these? You’ve seen his work: Marshall Ramsey. Usually we see his editorial political cartoons and may even be printing them form the Mississippi Today web page for the kids to color while they are at home. But this is a side of Marshall we don’t get to see. He said after he posted these sketches to Facebook that a friend commented, “I didn’t know you could draw.”

We have the time right now. We can surf TV or petrify ourselves with the latest constant COVID-19 news, or take advantage of the situation and discover ourselves and discover living again. And surprise our friends with our talents.

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