Mississippi Moment: Thank you to the volunteers

Mississippi Moment

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – In the early days of television, there was a New York City weather forecaster who advised his viewers to be on the lookout for snow, followed by children on sleds. It was an equation that balanced snow equaled children.

Here in Mississippi, I have seen another equation. You can always expect volunteers to show up almost immediately after any disaster. They don’t have to, but they do, and we have just seen it again.

People from neighboring counties and neighboring cities bringing water into Jackson after the entire system went down due to the winter storms last month.

I remember the volunteers after Katrina. They were like fire ants, scrambling all over the coast for weeks with food , water, hammers and boards. No pay, except the kind you get from knowing you’ve done something for someone who needed it.

Same thing with the people who’ve hauled water into Jackson from everywhere. No pay, excepting knowing someone really needed what you did and might not have gotten what you gave had you not shown up.

‘Thank you’ is not enough, but it’s from the heart. When you have helped one of us, you have helped all of us.

For those who have received the help, let’s remember that the next time we see a disaster on the evening news. Instead of just sitting there and watching, let’s remember what was done for use and try to help.

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