Mississippi Moment: The 162-Year-Old Man

Mississippi Moment

HOLMES COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – A cemetery near Lexington has an unusual grave marker. It’s a family cemetery on the last bluff overlooking the Delta in the Howard community.

The cemetery didn’t look over anything for a long time because it was so overgrown. You couldn’t event see the graves or anything beyond it. One day, the descendants of the people buried here decided to clean off the weeds and the brush to reveal the headstones again.

The last grave they got to was Allen Green’s. Nobody knew him. According to his stone, he died in 1932, but his birth date was 1770. That would have made him 162-years old when he died.

Obviously, it’s a mislabeling of his birth date. They must have meant 1870, but let your imagination run away with you.


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