Mississippi Moment: The good outweighs the bad

Mississippi Moment

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – In these perplexing and confusing times, of a deadly pandemic sweeping the world to riots and finger pointing, and it seems there is no good news left. It’s sad to wake up in the morning because nothing seems right any more.

Well just a little reassurance, we have been telling about the good stuff we have here in Mississippi or a couple of decades on Mississippi Roads, which airs on Mississippi Public Broadcasting. And we’re not nearly out of material.

I’m not promoting the show, but just to say there’s lots of greatness in our state. We’ve got our problems, yes. Just like everybody. But just chew on this, no matter what makes the headlines there’s enough goodness in our people that we have no problem putting together new shows all the time. Behind the headlines there’s still plenty of goodness to life.

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