Mississippi Moment: Tin Can Flag

Mississippi Moment

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A ‘tin can’ would be my suggestion for what to put on the next Mississippi state flag. A tin can with a dent in the side of it from being kicked down the road again.

I can understand the desire politicians have to let the impetus for changing the state flag to come from ‘The People.’ It is a divisive issue.

If it is brought up in the form of a referendum, no one who has to be voted into or out of office can be blamed. It will be the ‘will of the people.’

Can you imagine how slowly the wheels of state government would turn if every bill that comes before the legislature had to be put on a ballot and voted on ‘by the people?’

That’s why we elect representatives,  to ‘represent’ us at the state capitol, to streamline how government works. We entrust the people we elect to do for us what we want done without us actually having to take part in every vote personally. And also to take care of the business that falls under their responsibility without people having to demonstrate in the streets or sign petitions to get it done. 

But if the legislature adjourns this Friday as I understand they would like to do, without bringing up the state flag issue. Then a kicked tin can would be an appropriate state logo, and we can start by flying it over the state capitol. 


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