JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – “Safewise” released its list of the top five safest cities in Mississippi for 2021. The top two cities remained the same, and there was one new addition:

  1. Madison
  2. Brandon
  3. Horn Lake
  4. Ocean Springs
  5. Olive Branch

Madison and Brandon top this year’s list, just like the cities did last year. Olive Branch is the new addition this year.

I would imagine Horn Lake and Olive Branch are to the Memphis-metro what Madison and Brandon are to the Jackson-metro; a place where you can quit holding your breath after you cross city limits and relax a bit.

I am vaguely familiar with Ocean Springs. I know there is a different attitude and atmosphere in Ocean Springs than there is in the other cities on the coast. Not that the rest of the coast is bad, but there are greater expectations in Ocean Springs, it seems. 

Somewhere I heard someone say, ‘Change your attitude and you change your life.’ Without evening knowing you, if you have a bad attitude, then I already know that you are having a bad life.

If your city has a bad attitude, then you live in a bad city, and city’s attitudes can be changes, too. That’s how you change your city.