Mississippi Moment: Vaccine hesitancy

Mississippi Moment

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Mississippi is the last in the nation in another category, again. This is one category that has nothing to do with anything but us. We have the lowest percentage of people of any other state in the nation getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

When they first came out with the vaccine, I was reluctant to take it because of the same excuse a lot of people are stilling hanging on to. It was developed so quickly there was no telling what the side effects might be.

Well after millions and millions of people have had the shots, we are pretty much aware of the possible side effects, but we are positive of the worst-case side effect of catching COVID-death. So, I choose, maybe being sick in bed a day or two over the more permanent possibility.

Some people are making things up, saying they don’t want to take the vaccine because it might interfere with them having children later. This did not come from a doctor. I don’t know where this came from, but how many children are you going to have if you die from COVID? Well, somebody needs to say it.

The extreme right and the extreme left have made a political issue out of the vaccine: “It’s a conspiracy theory.” Well, many people I went to school with have died from this so-called conspiracy. Besides, you can take the vaccine and still call it a conspiracy if you want to.

The craziest reason I’ve heard not to take the vaccine is, it is a racial issue. The theory has been proposed that the vaccine adversely affects Black people. That’s easy to say, but where is the proof of that? There isn’t any. Yet, we have people betting their lives right now that it’s true.

Want to know what I think? I think the biggest reason most people don’t get vaccinated, they are scared of needles. Yes, it stings and it makes your arm sore. Right now, the vaccine is the best chance we have of stopping this thing before it is allowed to hang around long enough to continue to replicate and evolve a variant that we can’t make a vaccine to prevent. Then humanity gets to join the dinosaurs as another extinct species.

Of all possibilities, getting stuck in the arm is the most pleasant to deal with.

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