Mississippi Moment: Warren Strain returns home

Mississippi Moment

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – You may have seen this over the weekend, but it’s worth seeing again. My friend, Warren Strain, is back home. I’ve worked with Warren in television. He was the spokesperson for the Mississippi Highway Patrol, and most recently, an alderman at large in Madison.

Warren has been away from his home since two days before Christmas 2019, when he had a stroke. He was in emergency care and then in therapy.

On Saturday, many of his friends gave him a welcome home parade. That’s about the best you can do during the COVID-19 pandemic, drive by and wave.

I got to thinking. I know a lot of people, but how many real friends do I have that would drop whatever they were doing on a weekend and organize a parade for me? It takes real friends to do that.

Let me tell you how Warren wound up with so many. I’ll give you an example. Warren is the only person I’ve ever worked with who ever asked me to sign a script of a story I had written and let him have it. He may not even remember that, but I do. He was that attentive with everybody. He made us all feel important.

Warren Strain has been a friend to many people. A lot of them gave him a little time over the weekend to welcome him back home and wish him the best.


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