Mississippi Moment: What people are doing during the COVID-19 pandemic

Mississippi Moment

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – It’s not that I have done an exhaustive study on the evolving personal habits of people during a collective world crisis, but I do read my email and look over Facebook. Here’s what people have been Googling a lot during the COVID-19 pandemic: How to make hand sanitizer and how to make sourdough starter.

Another good one people have been looking up: How to use a bidet. After the trip we took to Italy last year and having bidets in all of our hotel bathrooms, let me just say the way to use them is very carefully.

Some Facebook friends say they have learned they can cook. Someone said her husband has done all of his honey-do list. 

‘Doing something’ seems important. You can’t just sit and wait.

Make some plans for the future. Where you want to go shopping first when the stores open up again? And don’t worry about stuff. A thousand things could go wrong in the world. But a thousand could just as easily go right, too. And the things you actively do for yourself are the ones most likely to happen for you.

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