JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The morning team continues to travel across Central Mississippi to find some of the best local spots. This week, the Morning ‘Sip geared up for an early morning workout as we focus on fitness for the month of August. The workout started with the row machines for a warm-up then moved to the treadmills.

YMCA President and CEO, Jara Miller, says that the Y is a community asset and is not “just a gym.” She shared their veterans program where military vets work on rehabilitation and therapy. One veteran was able to transition out of a wheelchair to walking again with his personal trainer at the YMCA. Other programs also include Healthy Baby and Me, EnhanceFitness, and Healthy Weight Loss.

Group classes are also a major benefit to YMCA membership, including the Y-CYCLE spin class. Jacob and Jade were put to the test in this high energy cardio class on stationary bikes with music. It doesn’t take long to quickly work up a sweat.

But for a slower pace workout and exercise, Pilates reformer is a popular class at the YMCA. Martha Millsaps, Pilates instructor, says that everyone can benefit from Pilates, from cross training to rehabilitation. The reformer class uses springs and levers, as opposed to body weight, to give even more resistance and benefits to the body.

The aquatic center at the YMCA is also a popular location for working out and rehab therapy. The therapy pool is always filled with members trying to slowly build up their muscles or bones in the near weightless environment.

If you want the 12 News morning team to visit your community, let us know! Email Jacob, Jade, and Chloe at news@wjtv.com, and we might come visit you next! Stay tuned every Friday at 6:00 a.m. as we continue traveling around Central Mississippi!