SIMPSON COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Flood waters are rising in D’Lo. More than 30 feet of water has risen in a matter of hours, and the water park has been completely swamped.

“It’s probably five-foot deep right over there. At that lowest point right there, where the cohort crosses with the tree. It came up that much in five hours last night,” said Harvey Collins, a D’Lo neighbor.

Harvey said campers have already seen the worst of it.

“A hundred year old oak tree fell and crushed her bedroom. It crushed the bedroom of her trailer. That made the rest of us get into high gear because we realized every tree out here is weak because we’ve had so much water lately,” he said.

Rainfall may happen again in this part of town, but the mayor has a plan.

“We’ve offered some of our camping folks who are permanent down here. We’ve offered them to come up by city hall and plug up,” said the mayor. 

The mayor said if the flooding continues, they will get with the county to see what they can do for people.