CANTON, Miss. (WJTV) – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Canton experienced devastating flooding on Wednesday due to heavy rain moving through Central Mississippi.

Homeowners and businesses were affected by the flooding.

This is the second time this month Canton has dealt with flooding of this magnitude.

“I got up and left my home this morning 5:45, because they said it was going to rain. And I figured if I could keep the drains clean, I wouldn’t get my feelings hurt. But to no avail, the drains still stuffed up. I’ve been fighting ever since 6:00 and got it down, I guess about 9:00. And so now we’re cleaning my building out,” said Leroy Lacy, owner of Lacy’s Insurance Agency.

This flooding has also affected Canton Public Schools. School was canceled for the rest of the day due to flooding and impassable roads.

Many neighbors are frustrated by the flooding.

“My building gets flooded by a short rain just about every time,” said Lacy. “The frustration is here because nothing is happening. I’m asking for a bandage. I asked them to buy the building back. We bought it from the city, no action. I need action.”