JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Floodwaters are impacting many parts of Jackson, but in some areas, the water began to recede on Monday.

In Northeast Jackson, the water reached up to people’s driveways along Canton Club Circle. Trashcans were toppled over with trash strewn onto the flooded roadways.

Neighbors in the area, who experienced the flooding in 2020, tried to prepare ahead of time by evacuating and sandbagging their homes.

They while they’re grateful to see water receding Monday morning, they need to see more action from local leaders to get the flooding under control.

“We made preparations, but we made preparations thinking that we had time to come back and get more stuff,” said Demetria Johnson, who lives in Northeast Jackson.

“We made it through this one. Everybody is able to come back home. We can have a block party. We want everybody to be able to get back into their homes. Let all these officials who need to get together for this plan get it done. We are the residents here. We’re not going to stop,” said Deon Thompson, who lives in Northeast Jackson.

On Sunday, Senator Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) said he’s working on a possible future solutions for when the Pearl River floods.

The city estimates that 100 to 150 homes could be impacted by Monday night.