HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) – Poor drainage in Hattiesburg left plenty of standing water along roadways following Wednesday’s storm.

A day after heavy rainfall in Hattiesburg, people said their area floods every time it rains. 

“I’ve been at this property here for the past six years, and every time it rains, it floods like this. It makes me very frustrated. I have dogs. I can’t bring my dogs out like this. My toilets don’t flush, not even really use the water when it floods like this because it doesn’t drain,” said Danita McRae, who lives in the city.

McRae said she dose not know who to reach out about the issue. She said the existing drainage in the area does eventually drain the water out.

“It makes me very upset, and I’ve called Glendale utility a million times, and they said it’s really not their problem,” said McRae.  

Anyone with storm damage can contact the Forrest County Emergency Management District at (601) 544-5911.