JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A neighborhood in North Jackson was hit hard by the flash flooding on Wednesday.

Just a few hours ago, water from White Oak Creek overflowed its banks and flooded the street. The severe flooding also left some motorists stranded while others battled the high waters.

Just a few blocks away, homeowners experienced several feet of water surrounding their homes.

Many of the homeowners that spoke to WJTV 12 News blamed the city for not clearing the drainage system and the nearby creeks of debris.

One man said he spent almost $350 to purchase sand bags to help protect his house from any further flood damage.

“The stuff isn’t being maintained the way it should. I mean, they have utility people. They have other, you know, people to do the jobs. People need jobs. I mean, God forbid,” said Jackson homeowner Steve Pezzetti.

As the rain eased and waters receded, homeowners said they can only prepare for more flood damage due to more rain in the forecast this week.