JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – As floodwaters begin to recede in Jackson, parts of Harrow Drive and Westbrook Road remain under water.

Neighbors living on Harrow Road woke up to standing water in their driveways on Monday. While the water didn’t reach any homes, several cars were damaged in the flooding.

The water was also waist deep on parts of Westbrook Road. After the Pearl River crested Monday morning, the water is slowly going down, but officials still have part of the roadway closed off.

Emergency teams did have to help remove one vehicle from the water.

Neighbors who experienced heavy flooding in 2020 said they got lucky this time, but they’re asking city and state leaders to come up with a plan to help prevent serious flooding in the future.

“It’s a little better than it was in 2020, because we actually got flooded in 2020. You know, it got to my trees right there. But this time, it didn’t get in the backyard. It just got in the street,” said Patricia Smith and George Hayden.

Those living on Harrow Drive said they hope the flooding is over, but they are prepared for more.

Neighbors are encouraged to avoid walking through standing water. Fish and debris have been seen floating into neighborhood.