JACKSON, Miss (WJTV) – As most of Central Mississippi experienced mass flooding on Wednesday, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) shared some tips on how neighbors can stay safe.

On Wednesday, many areas saw more than six inches of rain. This caused many homes and vehicles to flood.

As the rain continues to move through the area this week, the National Weather Service (NWS) advised residents to try to avoid traveling on roads that were damaged by the flooding.

Allie Jasper, Public Information Officer at MEMA, said motorists should drive slow during the storms and avoid flooding.

“I think the most important thing right now, other than keeping residents safe, is that the ones who are having to travel, we need to let law enforcements and local emergency managers do their jobs,” said Jasper. “So, they can get roads blocked off, and rescue those who need to be rescued.”

Throughout many local counties, such as Madison and Rankin, many individuals had to be rescued from their homes. Some of them were rescued by boat.

Anna Ehrgott, Public Information Officer at Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT), said drivers should be more cautious than ever.

“Make sure to have your headlights on. We have reports of many cases where drivers have no headlights on, which is dangerous in this type of severe weather,” said Ehrgoff. “Turn on your headlights, not your flashers because those can be distracting.”

MEMA has advised residents that in order to stay safe during flooding, the best thing to do is to avoid traveling and make sure to stock up on bottled water and food.

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