Actress Alyssa Milano and family evacuated from home, surrounded by wildfire

PARADISE, Calif. (AP) - Alyssa Milano says her home has been spared by a Southern California wildfire that forced her family to evacuate.
The actress tweeted Saturday that her house "is still standing" a day after she and thousands of others were forced to hurriedly evacuate because of the fast-moving fire.
Milano on Friday asked for help evacuating her five horses, later updating that they and her family were safe.
Numerous stars are waiting to learn the fate of their homes and prized possessions.

Rainn Wilson tweeted Saturday that flames came within about a dozen yards of his home, but it was spared. Lady Gaga tweeted late Friday that she did not know the status of her home.
Authorities have said more than 150 homes have burned in the fire and that number would likely rise.

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