12 News Exclusive: Jackson leaders discuss flash flooding


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – In a 12 News exclusive, Jackson leaders discussed the impact of Saturday’s storm and how to be prepared for more storms.

City leaders met ahead of time to discuss what to do in case of a weather emergency this week. At this time, the biggest threat to Jackson is flash flooding.

During the weekend storm, the city received at least two inches of rain.

“We did have a lot of rain, but it wasn’t as much as we were anticipating,” said Keyshia Sanders with the City of Jackson. “Some areas typically have a lot of rain and flooding. We were actually lucky it wasn’t to the level we thought it would be.”

The Pearl River level is still high, and any extra rain could be an additional challenge.

“A lot of the reasons neighborhoods are taken on so much water is because our water levels and creeks are really high, because of all the water and rain throughout the month,” explained Sanders. “So, we are just trying to monitor everything. But our creeks are swollen, and it’s contributing to flash flooding.”

At this point, the Pearl River sits at about 30 feet. Community leaders said they’ll be watching to see what happens.

“Over the next three days, we are expecting at least one to three inches with possibilities higher than that,” said Marty Pope, Senior Service Hydrologist with the National Weather Service. “You can’t rule out anything right now. We still have four to five days of rainfall.”

Neighbors are encouraged to help out by clearing their curbs and gutters of yard waste and other debris. Barricades will be placed along many low lying areas that are prone to flooding. Sandbags are also still available on Michael Avalon Street.

If neighbors need help cleaning their catch basins ahead of the storms, they should contact Jackson Bridges and Drainage at 601-960-1872.

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