12 News Exclusive: USM student killed in crash, family speaks


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Loved ones continue to mourn the loss of 21-year-old Breosha Murray, who was killed in a car accident— when a driver crashed into the passenger side of the car where she was sitting.

12’s Justin Devonn talks with the family for a WJTV exclusive.

Murray was considered the second mother of the household, always caring and always there when help was needed.

Breosha Murray’s father Dedric Drummond says, “Breosha was, she was my baby when that happened I felt like somebody had ripped my heart out.”

All her life she chose to lead by example, always worked hard and strived to be the best.

Dedric continues, “She meant everything to me to my family she was going to be the first one of the kids to walk across the stage get her degree and go on with her life.”

Her father’s fondest memory of the two was when she made a deal with a sweet prize.

“She said daddy if I get a scholarship in nursing, will you buy me a new car. Then, I said sure and in the back of my mind, I’m saying she won’t get a scholarship… it’s not gonna be a scholarship. But as time went by, she kept doing different things like going out of town with nursing groups and all this stuff and I was sitting back, like man… I’m going to have to go buy a car”, said Dedric.

Breosha was never scared of trying new things so when she wanted to learn how to fish her father built her a pond.

“When I came home from college and she will come home from college will get Jada A and Isaiah it will come out here and fish I was just about in the past and it’s a deep onto your Not gonna reach the bottom.”

The brother of Breosha, Eli Drummond, spoke to Justin Devonn.

Eli says, “She was not afraid to try anything new if she tried something and she ran into a problem she wouldn’t stop she would just try something else she always tries to figure it out.”

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