12 News Investigates: Bridge Inspection


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A Mississippi bridge inspector called the I-40 situation “disaster averted.” Richard Withers with MDOT was out inspecting a bridge in Mendenhall on Highway 49.

The bridge needs some work but he said it’s still safe for travel even with it being around 80 years old. The bridge gets a routine inspection every 24 months and a timber inspection every 12 months. Withers said the I-40 bridge situation could’ve been even worse.

“The inspection found the problem and no was killed and I think it is a success story,” said Bridge Inspection Program Manager Richard Withers.

MDOT’s Central Commissioner said they have a good system in place for inspecting bridges.

“They have a rigid schedule where they don’t allow a problem to grow into being a disaster. One of the ways in which they do it to help with accountability is that they use different eyes. They do not send the same inspector to inspect a bridge back to back,” said Commissioner Willie Simmons.

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