12 News Investigates: Carjacking caught on camera in Fondren


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A neighbor in Fondren witnessed a frightening carjacking. In just seconds, the car was gone.

The suspects had this planned out perfectly. A man was inside his Honda Accord. One of the suspects put a gun up to his back. They took off in a CRV and his car. The victim was left wondering what was going on. Meanwhile, his friend inside the house saw what happened and told his friend to call 911.

“I started following them in my truck, but I couldn’t get to them,” said Chris Wilbourn, a neighbor.

Wilbourn said Jackson police showed up quickly; about six officers.

“He was very shaken up. His very first reaction was, ‘Do I need to get self-defense training? Do I need to get a gun? What do I need to do to protect myself?’ He’s terrified.”

Wilbourn said the crime on Meadow Ridge in Fondren last week caught people off guard. His nearby neighbors are learning self-defense techniques after the carjacking.

Kevis Johnson teaches firearms training and has been working in security for 20 years. He said you should always pay attention to your surroundings.

“So if you’re not paying attention, and they get the drop on you, the best thing to do is comply. Your car, no matter how valuable it is to you, whether it is sentimental or numerical in value, it’s not worth your life. You have to comply,” stated Johnson.

Tips from Kevis Johnson, Johnson & Associates Security Consultants are as follows:

  • Most commonly carjacking happen in times of transition. Like getting out of the car to walk into a place or walking from a place getting into the car. During those times be attentive to your surroundings. Try to move quickly during these moments of transition to and from your car.
  • Keep your doors locked while driving through neighborhoods and cities were stopping is frequent. When you have to stop again pay attention to your surroundings And leave room in case do you have to make a quick getaway. Examples will be leaving yourself half a car distance or more between you and the car in front of you.
  • Don’t be afraid to bring attention to yourself if you feel something is about to happen. Yelling and honking before an attack may bring enough attention for others to come to your defense or discourage that bad guy from going forward with the attack.
  • Do things to try to buy yourself time. Dropping keys so that you can get away, throwing keys in the carjackers direction word over their head to get away.

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