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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A violent crime in Fondren neighborhood happened in early May, and many neighbors feel uneasy. A man pistol-whipped, shot and robbed a woman.

The crime caused her to move out of state, and Jackson police said the suspect is still at large. Neighbors said they’re experiencing other crime issues, including stolen items, broken items and stolen cars.

Crime has gone up in the Fondren neighborhood through the years, according to Gregory Rice who’s lived in the neighborhood for about 27 years.

“I have seen an increase over the years. With this pandemic going on and homeless folks especially there coming through this community. We got two halfway houses here which is understandable. They need assistance help. You can’t knock that, but over the years, it has increased,” said Rice.

He said Jackson police often patrol through Fondren, but the area could use extra help.

“I wouldn’t care if Madison came in, Rankin came in. If they can come in and help us solve this problem as far as this crime, I’m open to it for anybody. The murder rate is just too high. It has got to be addressed, and we do need outside help.”

That’s where the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department has come in, but Sheriff Lee Vance said it’s not just the Fondren community where you may see deputies.

“What I don’t want anyone to think is that we are concentrating our resources simply in Fondren because that’s not true,” he stated.

The sheriff said visibility is the best tool when it comes to fighting crime.

“But you have to overcome the limited resources that we have in the county, and that’s where working together with the Jackson Police Department is the smartest thing we could do, and Chief Davis and I are trying to accomplish that,” said Vance.

He wants to increase visibility in all Jackson neighborhoods.

“There was a neighbor that actually lives in Fondren, she called me last week and asked for some particular patrol in the area of Fondren where she lives, and we’re going to do that. There were citizens that I met with during a community meeting in Queens that asked for stepped up enforcement over there, and we were able to step it up over there.”

Sheriff Vance said assigning resources where they’re needed most is the key to keeping people safe.

Jackson police are aware of Hinds County deputies patrolling in the city, and they appreciate the extra support. In the last three weeks, police say crime has gone down in the Fondren neighborhood since they put up two cameras by Fondren Fitness and on State Street by Homewood Suites.

If you are interested in setting up a neighborhood watch, you can contact JPD Corporal Frederick Suttles at 601-906-3723.

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