12 News Investigates: Man accused of taking over home serving unrelated jail sentence

12 News Investigates

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – In an all-new 12 News Investigates, we discovered a man accused of falsely occupying a Jackson homeowner’s property is behind bars. 12 News brought this story to the forefront last week, but there’s an update this week.

The house that once sat vacant has been made into a home, but not in the way David Hughes would like to see. Furniture fills the home but the motorcycle we showed you last week is now gone.

Hughes said, “I don’t know what to think. I do need to get total possession of my property, and I can’t do that with their property in my house.”

David Glaze, according to jail records and the Hinds County District Attorney’s Office, is in jail serving a 30-day sentence that started on June 2 when Clinton police picked him up on a contempt of court charge.

The charge was for shoplifting in September 2020. While he was being arrested, police said meth was found.

“I am saddened to a point I have to go through this. I’m saddened to a point where our laws don’t protect us more as citizens, people trying to do the right thing, and basically people that do these things get basically a slap on the fanny. I’ll say it like that, and they’ll go on and do something else,” said Hughes.

He used legal documents to help him verify what he says he already knew. Now, he just wants the man out of his home.

Hughes called Glaze’s companion while 12 News was there in front of the house, but she did not answer.

Hughes said an eviction notice will be served soon.

Hughes is the owner of the Clinton Boulevard property. He originally believed Glaze might have been scammed with a fake title deed.

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