12 News Investigates: No refunds for Vicksburg High’s 2020 prom

12 News Investigates

VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV) – The COVID-19 pandemic has canceled countless events, including last year’s prom for Vicksburg High School students.

One parent, Alease Johnson, said the money has yet to be refunded to students for last year’s prom. She said she’s called the Vicksburg-Warren School District for a year about the issue.

For Johnson, she said it’s not so much about the money, but the principle of the matter. Her daughter, Ebonie, still has the gown she would’ve worn to her Senior prom. She said the students had expectations, but the COVID-19 pandemic made it a difficult year.

“It’s not fair. These kids went through so many disappointments, you know, dealing with this pandemic. They didn’t get to graduate like normal kids and then now this,” she said.

Students who planned to go to prom paid $25 each, but they weren’t given their money back. Johnson said she’s been calling everyone she could think of within the school system until she exhausted her list. She reached out to 12 News to find answers.

“I thank you for contacting them, because I feel if you haven’t intervene then we wouldn’t have got the money we still would’ve gotten the run around,” said Johnson.

After 12 News reached out to the school system by email, the spokesperson said they were not allowing visitors on campus. When 12 News followed up with a phone call, we didn’t hear back.

The following day, Johnson said she received news from the administration’s office, she was getting a $50 refund. Johnson also asked them a specific question.

“I asked her if I all of the children would get their refund, and she said she have no idea she just had a payment for me.”

Johnson said all the children deserve their money back, and she wants them to get a refund too.

If you didn’t get your money back from last year’s canceled prom at Vicksburg High School, reach out to jbulecza@wjtv.com.

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