CLEVELAND, Miss. (WJTV) – Courtney Hunter has four children who are students in the Cleveland School District. She said they are eligible for pandemic EBT cards, and they check all the boxes to get the relief.

“The lady in my district said she was going to update it and give me the corrected form. I wish they would go ahead and get that done because people are waiting, kids are waiting. We shouldn’t have to wait. They’re in school,” said Hunter.

When asked specifically about students in the Cleveland School District, the Mississippi Department of Human Services said the following:

All of their schools’ students who are enrolled in the free and reduced price lunch program will have at least one month of P-EBT benefits based on the district’s reported school schedule for the 2020-2021 school year. Some children will be eligible for additional benefits based on their individual school’s schedule.

Mississippi Department of Human Services

“They should give us those benefits. We should have had those benefits during the school year,” said Hunter.

12 News asked the Mississippi Department of Human Services for an on-camera interview, but they declined. A timeline is unclear for when families would receive the benefit. They said the department and other state and federal agencies are working as diligently and accurately as possible to begin distributing the pandemic EBT cards.

We also reached out to the Cleveland School District, but haven’t heard back about the program. To find your school and find each month’s amount, click here.