Crime Crisis: Jackson mayor outlines plan to fight crime in city

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – There has been a record high number of homicides this year in Jackson, with more than 100. Most of the homicides have been due to gun violence.

Not too long ago, federal authorities got involved in the Jackson crime crisis. Officers in the Jackson Police Department also received a pay increase. Leaders said they’re working to fix the officer shortage.

“We have worked to become more competitive on the recruitment side of officers. We have initiated six recruit classes and provided more tools to the officers on the streets,” said Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba during his State of the City address.

The tools include body cameras, street cameras, new patrol cars and a real time command center. The mayor said the coronavirus pandemic has put pressure on communities dealing with poverty, addiction and domestic violence.

“The state and federal government continues to cut funding for mental health and other supports. It is up to us to devise ways of supporting our communities.”

The mayor said young people are perpetuating the crimes, because they have easy access to guns.

“The impulse, the limited impulse of youth — seeking permanent solutions to temporary problems.”

One way of helping communities is through economic growth. The mayor said that works hand-in-hand with reducing crime.

“Where they feel they can’t avoid an eviction, they have to pursue illegal means of taking care of themselves and things more nefarious that we don’t want to see.” 

Mayor Lumumba said his goal is to see more commercial development in South and West Jackson to help create more job opportunities.

It’s the mayor’s goal and the new South, West Jackson Development Commission to see more commercial development in those areas that will create more job opportunities.


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