JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Daffany Tullos, 7, lived on Azalea Circle in Jackson with her grandparents. On July 26, 1988, she left this home after getting into an argument with her mother over some fish sticks between 7:00 and 8:00 that night.

Panic begin to set in as the night went on, and Daffany couldn’t be found.

“We scoured the neighborhoods, went over several blocks. We had several people from the neighborhood helping us to search for her,” said Daffany’s aunt, Stephanie Tullos, who now lives in Washington.

The same morning she disappeared, the father of Daffany’s twin brothers was released from jail. Daffany told a family member he had touched her inappropriately in June 1988. However, investigators weren’t able to connect him her disappearance.

Thirty-three years later, Daffany is still on the hearts and minds of people in this neighborhood. The last time anyone saw her was on Azalea Circle. She was headed south when she vanished.

“We’ve had times when we thought we found her, but it was not her, and it’s heartbreaking. You have to go through that, but if she came home, that would truly be a blessing,” said Tullos.